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Aspen To Continue Appeal Of TGA’s Decision

Aspen will continue to appeal the Therapeutic Goods Administration‟s decision to de-register Di-Gesic and Doloxene.

The TGA has affirmed its decision to cancel the registration of DPP products, however its decision will not take effect until further order of the AAT. Aspen remains concerned to ensure that patients are not left without adequate pain relief, and considers that this is likely to be the case if Di-Gesic and Doloxene are de-registered. Consequently, Aspen will continue its appeal.

Di-Gesic and Doloxene will remain on the register while Aspen‟s appeal is heard and doctors may continue to prescribe both products after carefully considering the indications, warnings and contraindications in the Product Information and Consumer Medicines Information for these products.

Content Last Reviewed On July 16, 2018

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