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About Us

Aspen Australia commenced operations in May 2001 with a portfolio of products generating sales of around $10 million. After the acquisition of the Sigma pharmaceutical business in February 2011, current annualised sales are close to $650 million in Australia and New Zealand. Aspen Australia is also responsible for a growing business in a dozen countries in Asia accounting with a projected $600 million in in-market sales for FY 2016.

Besides marketing and distributing products owned by the Aspen Group, we also license in products from other companies, and are focused on meeting the needs of our licensors.

We have 4 teams of sales representatives, who are all results-driven and experienced, covering doctors, specialists, hospitals, and pharmacists, plus we use an outsourced field force for grocery.

We have an experienced, successful and proven management team.

Aspen Australia is an entrepreneurial driven company which often works in partnership with other companies, including the multinationals. We are one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Australia, and have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of medicines in the country, covering most disease states. The Aspen range includes Prescription Pharmaceutical brands, Speciality pharmaceutical products and OTC healthcare. In addition, we have a thriving Export and Contract Manufacturing business.

Our Branded Prescription Business has an emphasis on brand building and marketing a product on its merits. Our OTC Business puts us in the Top 5 OTC companies in the country.

Company Philosophy

We aim to have a company culture where all employees are valued and treated with respect, and working in concert to achieve company goals.

We see opportunities in products that others may look to divest for reasons of post-merger focus, regulatory issues or lack of financial viability.

We respond quickly to our customers and to market conditions and we make quick, but considered, decisions. While others pay lip-service to customer service, we genuinely believe that the customer is paramount.

We are specialists in turning around declining products and we have proven success in product life-cycle management. We revitalise brands through innovative marketing and superlative customer service.

Our product portfolio includes some of the most prescribed brands in Australia, and Aspen Australia is ranked in the top ten in the nation in terms of prescriptions written for products marketed by Aspen*.

*Source: IMS

Aspen Pharmacare Australia is an entrepreneurial driven company which seeks to identify and bring to market drugs in specialist areas that are overlooked by the multinational pharmaceutical industry

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